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YouTube is such a great play for content creators. The problem isn't that most YouTube Channels don't have great content. It's that they can't seem to get any eyes on their videos. You could spend hours & hours producing top of the line videos, but if you can't get them in front of the right audience, they'll never get the traction they need. That means barely any views, let alone subscribers.

The issue most of these YouTubers are facing lies in the Search Engine Optimization realm of YouTube. Once you understand how to get more eyes on your videos, your channel has the opportunity to flourish.

This Course breaks down the entire SEO side of YouTube. It will not only teach you how to rank your videos in search (older method), but it will also teach you how to game YouTube's algorithm so that it's working for you & not against you. It's vitally important to understand what types of things the algorithm values the most. Once you understand that, you can just focus on making great content around that. Because then...YouTube will work for you & not against you. That's right, it'll start suggesting your content all over the place!


Anyone that wants to learn Search Engine Optimization

Anyone that wants to learn YouTube

Anyone that has a YouTube Channel

Anyone that plans on having a YouTube Channel

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